WhatsApp Payments

How to use PayAid  WhatsApp Payment Solution

PayAid WhatsApp Payment Solution only requires a smartphone, a free WhatsApp account, and the opening of an account with PayAid-Lyra. Any payment transfer will be made exclusively via the WhatsApp application.

STEP 1: Creation of payment order: By Sending a message containing the amount, currency, and mobile number of the merchant to the PayAid certified number

STEP 2: Generation of the payment link: PayAid sends the buyer a message containing a link to make the payment. At the same time, the merchant receives a confirmation of sending including the link, if the merchant wishes to send via another channel (mail, SMS, …)

STEP 3: Finalization of payment: The buyer clicks on the link and is directed to a secure payment page to finalize the payment

STEP 4: Confirmation of payment: When payment is made, the merchant receives a confirmation message