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Accounts Payable - Vendor Payments

Vendor payments (also called accounts payable or invoice to pay) is the process of paying vendors your business has ties with, for the goods and/or services they provide to your business. 

Managing your vendor payments promptly in a systematic way ensures a great relationship with your vendors, while guaranteeing that you don’t have liabilities for a long time. This keeps your business up and running as best can be.

  • Without having to go through multiple platforms, you can carry out your entire process on one single platform, where everything is at your fingertips
  • A smart and highly-responsive dashboard takes the place of several spreadsheets
  • Our intelligent OCR reads the uploaded invoices and populates the details automatically. So, no more data-entry mishaps
  • Your payments will be made on time because we send you timely reminders
  • You don’t have to worry about adding new beneficiaries and waiting out the cooling period or banking hours because you can add your vendor on PayAid Platform and start transacting with them immediately.