eNACH / Recurring / Subscription - Payments

The customer visits a page and enters all his mandate details. This page can be hosted by PayAid Payments and its Partners or it can be hosted by the merchant himself. In case merchant decides to “self-host” the page, we will provide an API to feed us all the required fields. A few noteworthy features about this mandate page:

  • The mandate can be either “fixed amount” or “maximum amount”
  • Variety of debit frequencies are possible
  • As per NPCI guidelines, we have a variety of predefined “purpose of payment” which the customer can choose
  • All the LIVE banks on e-Mandate will be displayed to the user. As more banks are added, we shall keep adding on to them.
  • Banks support “Internet Banking” as an authentication mechanism, some support “Debit Cards”. Based on the bank selection, the user will be given the appropriate option
  • After the customer makes the appropriate selection, he will be directed to the bank’s internet banking page where he will authenticate himself. Upon successful authentication, we will get the appropriate response from NPCI. Thereby the mandate will be registered in the NPCI side, and we will also show the list of registered mandates in the dashboard which we will provide to you.
  • Subsequently, every month (or every quarter/every year/etc. depending on the debit frequency as specified in the mandate), the customer’s account will be automatically debited. We get a call back response from NPCI when the debit happens, and thereby make the transaction details accessible on our dashboard, which can be viewed in real-time as soon as the customer account is debited and we get the call back from NPCI.