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Frequently asked questions

Nope! Since the consumers payment info is passed directly to us over SSL and never touches your server, PCI compliance is not required. You merely work with the token we supply.

Not the actual payment info, but you can store the token and call it again later. Since the consumers payment info is passed directly to us over SSL and never touches your server you never get it to save.

Maybe, though it is not considered part of the normal boarding process. We are happy to answer questions and provide sample code, however if you require extensive coding we would need to discuss your needs. Our Development team would review your request and provide a cost estimate for you. Please contact us at helpdesk@payaidpayments.com

Yes, you can use our Payment Dashboard to send out payment links or use our Hosted Payment Page and the pre-built code for it, so you won’t even realize your using the API. You see, everything goes thru the API, but we make it easier for merchants who do not need a complex integration.

API integrations make it easier for you to access your information and take the actions you need to do business. Integrating with API services allows you to

  • reduce manual work
  • streamline your payment processes
  • optimize your reconciliation mechanism
  • expand the reach of your data

API integration is a cross platform payment optimization links for all devices. Contact Us

API Documentation

Integrate quickly with the help of our comprehensive API documentation. You can test our APIs on staging right away!

Please read the respective files for Payment Gateway API Guidelines & Vendor Payment API Guidelines



Below are the prerequisites to integrate with Payment Gateway:

  1. Be an Approved Merchant: To use our payment gateway, you should be a registered and approved merchant by us. If not registered, please register to get started!

  2. Obtain API Key: You should have received an API key from us on Approval.

  3. API to receive Payment Response: You should have a self hosted web server to receive the response and verify the payment details post payment.

  4. Min SDK Requirements: You should ensure that your Android App’s SDK version should be greater than or equal to 19.